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Some of my Objective-C sources codes.

Version 1.0.0 - Source Objective-C
SMCrypto file permit to do random read / write on crypted files using AES-XTS, with 128, 192 or 256 bits keys.
The project contains the core sources in C, a VFS for SQLite and a wrapper for Objective-C.
Based on CommonCrypto.
More information on the GitHub page.

Version 1.0.5 - Source Objective-C
Source of the unofficial port of TorChat for OS X.

Version 1.0.4 - Source Objective-C
Source of the mini-app "AsmHelper" which help to convert hexa to asm and asm to hexa.

Version 1.0.0 - Source Objective-C
Allow to launch a SOCKS server on your iPhone (work on iPod Touch, but there is no interest).
To use it :
- Create a WiFi network;
- Attribute an IP to your computer fo the WiFi;
- Connect your iPhone to this network (don't forget to give an IP to your iPhone too);
- Launch ModSocks, start the server
- Configure for SOCKS parameter (see the doc of your software, else in the advanced setting for the system) the address of the iPhone and the configured port (8888 by default).

Warning : this application transform your iPhone in "modem". A lot of phone operator don't allow this. Check before going against your contract.

Under GPL licence, use the server SOCKS of 3proxy.

New :
- Release

Version 1.0.0 - Source Objective-C - 238.69 Ko (1657 downloads)
Utilitaire qui permet de trouver tous les anagrammes d'un mot.

New :
- Ancienne version de WordShaker.